Tips & Tricks, to make your experience fun & relaxed! 

Registering with a friend is recommended! Everything is always more fun when you have a friend to share it with! 

Each meal will feed 4-6 people (let us know if you need your meals to feed more or less- we can help with that!), and some are absolute crowd pleasers!  

Bring 2 medium sized cooler bags (with ice packs) to transport your meals home. One big cooler will do the job, but it can get fairly heavy! 

Bring your grocery items in a laundry basket or tote. Grocery bags can be a pain to search through! 

Brand name bags tend to hold up much better in the freezer. Cheaper bags are more likely to leak & tear. We have had great luck with PC Brand Bags!

Store your meals upright in your freezer, if you plan to cook them in your crock pot! If you would like to save space in your freezer, lay your meals flat, and thaw prior to cooking

If you choose to prepare your meals in the crock pot or slow cooker, make sure it is filled at least 2/3rds full. A 4qt crock pot is all you need! Your slow cooker may not cook your meal properly, if there is too much extra room in it. 

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If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! We are always at the other end of the phone/email, and love hearing from you!