Olivia's Freezer, 2 Marsellus Drive  (corner of Mapleton and Marsellus, just past the Holly Rec Centre)

Depositphotos 134991692 m 20152Curious as to how our Workshop's are set up? Each guest has their own personal Prep Station. At each Station, you will find a cutting board, knife, measuring spoons, and other helpful gadgets! We are here to make sure your experience is a breeze! When you arrive, you can select your spot! We will then walk you through each recipe, and you can get started! Tips and tricks are always provided along the way, to help make each recipe a success.

We are a loving bunch, and enjoy answering questions along the way! Don’t hesitate to yell “Olivia!!!” from across the room! Workshop's are a lot of fun, and depending on the group- they can get rowdy!

We take care of all CLEAN UP, GARBAGE & RECYCLING (yes, FOR REAL). How often is it that you prepare a meal (let alone, 10), and someone else does the clean up? Time to do your HAPPY DANCE!!!

The majority of our guests attend each month, and are loving the delicious variety! Our Menu changes monthly, so you are always experiencing new flavours! Space is limited, and our Workshop's fill up fast! Register today to confirm your spot!

Our Workshops are perfect for: 

 Anyone who would like to spend time in the kitchen & more time with your family!
 Our Meals are great to have when running to and from after school activities!
 Corporate team-building events. Shake up your workplace, by giving your employees the opportunity to prepare healthy meals together!   

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