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I do Olivia's Freezer Meal workshops monthly. It is the only way my very busy family survives and functions. My hubby and youngest son can be picky but they love every meal I have made from Olivia's workshops. We had the Maple Mustard Dill Salmon Sunday night and it was to die for. My family isn't generally a fan of fish but they asked for me to make this one again! Thanks Olivia for making my life so much simpler and healthier! :)
~ Michelle S.
I did my first freezer class this past month. I am home most of the time, but was what you'd call a bad cook. No spices, no salt and pepper, and lot's of processed food. My poor hubby works 12 hours a day and came home to yuck. The meals that I have put together since taking this class are incredible, and hubby is very impressed. I recommend this class fully.
~ Wendy
I've been going to one of Olivia's workshops every month since September and they have been a total life saver for me. I work full time and have 3 kids, it's amazing to have these amazing meals ready when we are!
~ Lisa
I attended my first event last night and had a great time. I was quite unsure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Olivia is very personalbe and really made the evening fun!
~ Kim
This was the first workshop for my daughter and myself. Lots of laughing with our table mates while preparing the meals. I have tried 4 of the 10 meals so far and love them. Makes meal prep so much easier. Thanks Olivia
~ Guest
It was a fabulous night. We had so much fun. Absolutely will be returning for sure.
~ Sandie
I have attended 3 times now and will keep coming back. Its so easy and fun to do and the meals are tasty and very convenient for a busy household!
~ Jenny
I have done 4 workshops now and I keep coming back because my kids love them and being a busy shift worker they save me so much time and stress!! Thank you for this service!! I will keep coming back too!
~ Michelle Hughes
Not only was it a hoot, I made some easy dinner meals. I have had 6 of them and enjoyed all of them so far.
Thanks Olivia!!!!
~ Guest
Olivia's is so much fun and made the summer cooking for company a breeze. I am hooked.
~ Guest
Enjoyed the first workshop I attended with friends! Not only a great way to get out with the ladies, but also prepare 10 delicious meals in to time thanks to the organized setting and no clean up!
~ Guest
I always thought "Once I retire, I will plan and cook healthy meals" Turns out - I really don't enjoy cooking. Preparing 10 meals in just over 2 hours was fantastic. Everything was organized and laid out so it was simple to do. Plus enjoying the evening with friends was an added bonus. I will be back!
~ Wandy
Olivia’s workshop made preparing 10 meals so easy! It was great to have everything I needed in front of me and the meals are delicious. I’m signing up again :)
~ Guest
Great time with friends and 10 great meals!
~ Guest
I've attended 3 workshops so far and plan on attending more! I can't believe how simple it is to create 10 meals in just 2 hrs. It actually works out to be more meals for us because we save the leftovers for lunches the next day! Plus, I can do it without any interruptions from the kids and somebody else cleans up my mess!
~ Teresa
Great food! Great time!
~ Guest
Fantastic work shops, great food and convenient for those busy nights!
~ Shelley
A fun night out with friends and 10 meals to boot!
~ Laurie
Such a fun, relaxed and organized group. The meals are excellent and quick. Cant wait to do it again in September with more family and friends.
~ Paula
Was so much fun can't wait for the august class
~ Samantha
Amazing! fun, well organized and food is great. I will definitely be back.
~ Melanie
Really enjoyed the July class. So far have tried the burgers, bbq chicken and chili and they were delicious! I love the convenience of the dinners.
~ Carol
I have been to 3 classes and loved them but decided to take the summer off. BIG mistake! Once I finished all of my premade meals that feeling of dread about dinner returned. I have signed up for August so that I can spend less time and energy on dinner and more time enjoying summer.
~ Guest
Perfect way to have a variety of delicious foods on hand without all the work! Burgers and Chili were great! Thankyou
~ Debbie
We had chicken kabobs today with company for a nice summer lunch bbq after a first workshop with Olivia last week...added some veggie kabobs and a salad. It was perfect - very tasty and easy. And company went home with Olivia's webpage info.! :)
~ Kim
Had so much fun! I love that someone else cleans up my mess, that never happens at home!
~ Corinne
Spent an evening with two friends at Olivia's workshop. Fun had by all and we made lots of great meals that my family loves. I will DEFINITELY be back :)
~ Jenn
A bunch of us girls are new moms; we all had babies within 6 months of each other and that means our social life changed! Signing up to go to one of Olivia's workshops is a great way to prepare meals, laugh and just be productive as moms together. The process Olivia lays out makes this super quick and easy. When you leave, you have 10+ meals to take home to your family on those busy nights where you would rather be at the beach than cooking up a storm from scratch. Great work Olivia & team!
~ Vickie
After attending my first workshop, I have decided that I will be back! Not only was it a great night out with my girlfriends but I brought home delicious meals that the whole family loved. With my busy schedule it truly has made my life easier!
~ Carolyn
These workshops are a excellent way to get meals prepped and prepared for busy families as well as trying new recipes!! I've only had the one meal so far (Chili Cheese Hotdogs) and they were a hit with the whole family. My son who is 9 said "with all the other tasty stuff I didn't mind that there was corn and beans in the chili.". Looking forward to August's workshop!!
~ Tracy
I went to one of the work shops with 4 friends. Not only did we have a great girls night out but we prepared some delicious meals. 7
~ MaryAnne
Great night out and yummy food to go home with. All the meals were a hit with my whole family. The ease of putting them in the slow cooker makes my life a little less complicated. Can't wait for the next one.
~ Guest
So happy I decided to sign up for a workshop!! It was so easy and convenient. My husband usually has "constructive criticism" about my creativity in the kitchen!! But he has nothing but positive things to say about Olivia's delicious dinners so far!!! I'll be back again :)
~ Guest
I am so thrilled that I have discovered Olivia's Freezer. I will never ever miss a month now that I know. I wish that she had have been around when my kids were younger. My family has never been happier!
~ Pamela
Having done other meal prep type places before, this one is well worth the money. I love that you can purchase your own groceries. Olivia is super friendly and helpful. It is fantastic coming out of the workshop knowing you have 10 terrific meals to look forward to!
~ Cheryl
I saw the article in the newspaper for Olivia's Freezer and decided to try it out. It was fun and super easy. Everything was well organized and easy to prep. My freezer was full and the meals tasted great and were easy to prepare on the busier days of the week. The simple fact it was not the "same ole" chicken and spaghetti was also a tasty treat.
~ Guest
I cannot say enough about Olivia's Freezer. I went to the July workshop and the menu was fantastic. It was a great night out with friends and my family has enjoyed some yummy meals. I will definitely be booking for August.
~ Nicole
I have participated in 2 of these get togethers so far, they have been great, Olivia and her team are helpful, and organized, they also have a great Sence of humour which makes it all the more fun, you will not be disappointed. The meals are really good.
~ Celine
I attended a workshop in July in Barrie. It was my first time and absolutely loved it. In 2 hours, I was able to come home with 10 meals, ready to go for our busy days! The first meal I cooked for my family was the Chipolte Chicken and my husband hasn't stopped raving about it. I will definitely be doing this again in the future!
~ Kristin O'Leary
When a friend suggested we try Olivia's Freezer workshop I thought why not and I am glad I did. I cannot say enough about the experience. I so enjoyed meeting some others that shared my challenges in the kitchen when it comes to finding and preparing some new healthy meal ideas. Olivia knows her stuff! I can't wait to try out each new recipe. Thank you for creating an environment were you can have a laugh while creating some culinary delights! I will certainly be attending next month!!
~ Cathy
I have attended two sessions and am registered for my third next week ... These nights will now be a part of my monthly routine! The meals are fantastic!! With a 9-year old picky eater at our table, I was skeptical, but even she eats everything from "Olivia's Freezer"!! So convenient for working moms and busy families, and a fun night out, too!! Love it!!
~ Lisa
I have attended two workshops and will definitely be back for more. Having my freezer full of yummy meals that I dont have to think about? awesome. Olivia and her helpers were really friendly and helpful and made the night really fun.
~ Julia
These workshops are just fantastic! You feel so accomplished after the two hours. After returning to work in January after being on maternity leave I found the supper process just took too much time up that I could spend with my little one. Plus supper always just seem like that stressful time and always the question of the day" What are we having for supper?" These workshops take all the guess work and actually work out of supper. It so nice to throw something in the slower cooker in the morning and come to the house smelling like someone has been cooking all day. Plus the meal taste amazing!
~ Jenna
I've been to two session and love the convenience of having meals ready to go. We aren't big on leftovers so I split each meal and end up with 20 meals for my family of 4. Sometimes I add a bit more meat or sauce and that's what's great about Olivia's setup. It's easy to modify and adjust as needed for your family.
~ Samatha
I have attended Olivia's workshops and I LOVE them! She's very organized and extremely helpful. My family needs to have modifications made for different allergies and these recipes allow that to happen without compromising taste! I'm looking forward to the July workshop :)
And the fact that I can accomplish 10 meals in a few hours of work is priceless! It's a great time spent with great people!
~ Eva
I have attended 3 workshops and absolutely love this set up! Olivia is extremely organized and makes it so easy to get the job done and my family has enjoyed great meals and I have enjoyed the stress free week night solutions after working all day. Looking forward to workshop #4 and bringing another friend. Whether you are a great cook or don't know what you are doing...you have to do this!
~ Mirka
These workshops are so much fun! The meals have all been delicious and it's nice to have vegetarian options too! Everything is so well organized and Olivia and her staff are super friendly and helpful. We would highly recommend booking a workshop! We'll be there!
~ Mary & Lorne
This was such a fun, easy and convenient way to cook a lot of meals in about 2 hrs. Olivia is super nice and her class is very well organized. My girlfriends and I had such a great time, we are planning our next class. I would definitely recommend this class to everyone. You will not be disappointed.
~ Dana
After 2 wksps, I can certainly say it is SUPER convenient to have them on hand. I feel like I accomplish so much more in 2 hrs with you than I ever would in my own kitchen! AND you clean. Bless you! We have enjoyed all of the meals. I am starting to feel more confident 'tweaking' recipes to my husband's stronger palette. Favourite: Asian Beef Wraps. alldayeveryday :) Looking forward to the months ahead.
~ Jessica B
I have only done one freezer workshop so far, but it was great! Great company and not having to clean up after myself made the evening VERY enjoyable. And the meals my family have eaten so far have been a big hit, even with my three children. I will definitely do another workshop.
~ Allison
The workshops are very well organized and equipped with everything you need to make 10 delicious meals. I usually finish in under 2 hours and the food is excellent. I attend with friends to make it a fun social gathering as well!
~ Michele Craig
I have only done 1 workshop so far but I have really enjoyed the meals. I am about to do my second workshop and I can hardly wait. Everything is so well organized. These meals make my workweek so much easier!
~ Leslie
I have attended the Workshop 1x and I was very impressed by the organization and the whole setup of the workshop. The meals were of top quality and each to prepare. Everything was organized and setup when we arrived and it was easy to prepare the 10 meals for my family.
~ Renata
I have done this workshop 3x and each meal has been a hit with my whole family.

The process of coming, going at your own pace, and having no clean up is awesome.

I would highly recommend anyone considering this workshop to book it. You won't be disappointed
~ Victoria
When we arrived everything was set up for us. Olivia was welcoming and answered any questions we had. Fast, easy and a fun night. Meals were yummy and helped with weekly rush !
~ Vicki christie
Loved it!
~ Guest