How to Reduce Your Grocery Bill in Just 1 Month

We all see that food prices are increasing at a steady rate which makes feeding a family on a budget a difficult task. Research indicates that at the end of 2015, Canadians were spending an average of $720 per month on food (and that prices will be increasing for 2016!).

We understand what you're going through, and so that's why we've developed workshops that will save you money on your monthly food bill:

1.  Your grocery list is emailed to you as soon as you register for an Olivia's Freezer Workshop.  Registering a few weeks in advance will ensure that you can keep your eye on the flyers and grab all sales and deals when they appear at your grocery store.  And by purchasing some of our grocery-list "staples" for your next workshop (like cheeses and pastas) while they're on sale, you'll become an "Olivia's Freezer Rockstar" by saving even more!

2.  Our portion sizes are perfect!  By using our family-friendly crafted recipes, you'll never have too many leftovers.  The majority of those who do our workshop find that they have enough for dinner and (sometimes!) a little left over for lunch the next day (which will also cut-down on your "eating-out-for-lunch-at-the-office" expense).  With perfect portion-sizes you'll elimate food waste - so no more throwing money into the trash.

3.  Finally, 10 nights of dinner are right in your kitchen.  As some of our meals need to be defrosted (while others go right into the crockpot), we encourage all of our participants to plan their meals on their calendar so that the food will always be ready-to-go when you need it.  Thus, there will never be a need to spontaneously order-in.

Want to save money on your grocery bill? You use everything you purchase, and our grocery lists usually range from $100-$140, depending on the menu. That's 2 WEEKS worth of dinner!

Are you ready to take the challenge and become a Grocery Rockstar?  This month's workshops are filling up fast, so be sure to register today while there is still room >



The Importance of Meal Prep

 We've all experienced it -  the pre-dinner hour starts to roll around and we start hearing that dreaded question:

"What's for dinner?"

If your meals haven't been planned, then this question alone can lead to frustration and tantrums (on the part of the adults as well!).

Studies have shown that families who plan their meals can experience the following benefits:

Better Nutrition

Having meals planned and read the morning-of will eliminate the need to just "whip-something-together" (which likely won't be as healthy).  Preparing meals ahead of time will give you full control over your menu, the portions, and the ingredients.

More Cash

Having meals prepared and ready-to-go will ensure that you spend less time ordering-in (and eating out).  When you have planned meals (and a planned grocery list) you can take then time to shop the flyers, find the deals, and pocket the savings!

More Time

Why spend 1 to 2 hours in the kitchen every night preparing and cooking dinner?  Thankfully, we've designed Workshops with you in mind.  Whether you're a student, a parent, newly married, or retired, we have simplified your meal process.  Join us for one workshop, and in just two hours (yes, you read that right) you'll have 10 meals that you pop into your freezer; you then have the choice of freezer-to-crockpot, freezer-to-grill, or freezer-to-oven.

Take back your time!



Our menu changes monthly, so your options are limitless.  Register today by clicking here.


The Importance of Teaching Kids to Cook

From lack-of-time to dreading the mess, we all have reasons for keeping our kids out of the kitchen when it comes to preparing meals.

Yet, many parents can attest to the fact that - when included - children can develop healthier eatting habits, as well as be more willing to try new foods.

We understand the importance of inviting your little ones into the meal-preparation process, and so we've developed a quick-and-easy Infographic with 5 great reasons as to The Importance of Teaching Kids to Cook.

editTeaching Kids to Cook

Ready to get started?

Children are encouraged to attend an afternoon workshop with their registered adult; for a list of dates, please click here.