Storage Times for the Freezer

You love your freezer, but how many times a year do you pull out something from bottom and wonder if it's still good?

Be sure to print out the handy-dandy Infographic below and hang it close by for an easy reference; and remember, the guidelines below are for quality only.

Eat Your Colours

It can be difficult nowadays to stay healthy; between kids, work, and the responsibilities at home it's a challenging task to cook nutritious meals with whole foods and natural ingredients.

Yet, countless studies have shown that it's essential to include a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables into our diet on a daily basis to achieve optimum wellness.  We've developed an Infographic just for you as a quick reference guide as to why it's important to eat your colours!

Let us help you serve yummy and healthy meals to your family each night by registering for one of our workshops.  You can pick the meals that suit your family and most can be altered to be gluten-free if needed.  Between vegetarian & non-vegetarian meals, we've got your dinner's covered >


The Top 3 Ways to Prevent Food Waste

We know what it feels like when you do your fridge clean-out and the majority of it seems to end up in the garbage.

Thankfully, we've compiled the top 3 ways to help prevent food waste in the handy-dandy infographic below.

And while we can't help you with numbers 1 & 2, we've completely got your back with number 3; be sure to register for a workshop this month and fill your freezer with 10 delicious meals in just 2 hours!