Finding Time

How many times have you gone onto Pinterest, and pinned a bunch of yummy looking meals you are never going to make?

I spent A LOT of time doing this, and I could never find the time to make a specified grocery list, go to the grocery store, and purchase the necessary grocery items to make this one yummy looking recipe that I just HAD to Pin. Once all that was done, I had to prepare (follow all the tedious instructions) & COOK all this fancy stuff. By the time I am ready to get dinner prepared, my little girls (D is 1, and B is 3) are DANCING around my legs BEGGING to be fed.  This wasn’t working out so well, and I mostly ended up cooking the SAME OLD THING. I also ended up with a fridge and pantry full of foods, most of which, I have no time to create into something wonderful. Sound Familiar?

Then, I discovered Freezer Meals. Olivia’s Freezer was born.

I discovered that I was able to feed my family a variety of homemade meals, and save a lot of time and money doing it. Olivia’s Freezer makes dinnertime easy for all of us. Whether you spend all day at work, with the kids, juggling kids’ activities, or are immersed in your career, Olivia’s Freezer can help you. 

Our Workshops are set up to make it as easy as possible for you to stop feeding yourself and your family processed junk, and start eating healthy & YUMMY foods. Curious as to how it works? Let me explain…

1) log into our website,

2) Click on Register Now. Select the date & location that suits you, and register for a workshop

3) Soon after you register, a grocery list will appear in your inbox. Purchase these items (they will be itemized by grocery section, for your convenience!), and bring them to the scheduled workshop! We will transform your groceries into 10 yummy meals, you will be proud of! 

No more DROOLING over all those Pin’s! YAYYYYY!!!!!

Space is limited, and our workshops fill up fast! Register today to confirm your spot!

Follow my Blog for food tips and YUMMY PREVIEWS of what Olivia’s Freezer will be putting on your table!