The Picky Eaters Project, Week 8

Congratulations!  After two full months, you've successfully finished The Picky Eaters Project; you have a lot to be proud of (we're sure you had extra patience on-hand), and your Picky Eaters deserve a gold star!

We're finally at the end of our journey, and this week we are reminded to embrace the fun surrounding meals and planning.

WEEK 8: Don't Forget the Fun!

1.  Do something fun and physical.  Enjoying some active family time outside prior to a meal will ensure that your Picky Eater has built up an appetite.  Whether you rake leaves together or shovel snow, make sure that everyone is having fun doing it.  If you're feeling short-on-time pre-dinner because of meal-prep, make sure you register for one of our classes (by popping a meal in the crockpot, you'll be able to enjoy a lot more family time outdoors!).

2.  Make a recipe with your kids.  If you feel that your talent is lacking in the imagination area, then encourage your Picky Eater to make a healthy alteration to a food that they enjoy (for example, try adding pureed sweet potato to a pasta dish).

3.  Review progress, including successes and failures so far.  Dig out your Daily Victory File and see how far you've come.  Like us, you probably aren't using it much anymore, so now is the time to review your progress.  Be sure to keep it handy when those little "failures" occur to remind yourself of the milestones that your Picky Eater has hurdled over.

We are so excited to be on this journey with you!  Be sure to leave your successes (and frustrations) in the comments section of our Facebook page, and please Share below on social media with the other meal-planners in your life!