We’re Olivia & Eva. We’re busy moms, doing our best to keep healthy meals on the table! Whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian, vegan, buy organic, etc- we have something for you! Our Company is here to make meal time easier, and we want to keep the ingredient control in your hands.

Whatever your family’s needs are, we have a way to help you feed everyone and stay on budget. Once registered for a workshop (workshop fee is only $1/serving for all herbs, spices, specialty ingredients, labels, etc.), you are automatically emailed your custom grocery list- which is based on your meal selections! #somanychoices

This is where you come in- you have all the freedom to buy organic, shop sales, shop local, support local farming, whatever is important to you. We’re all different, and our kitchen is a place we all unite. We’re hungry, busy, and want to keep our families healthy. Cooking for 1 or 2? Split each meal in half. You’ll go home with 20 delicious meals each serving 2-3.

We understand the struggle. We try our best to stay on budget, eat our colours, eat organic, shop local, and most importantly… support each other and our differences. At Olivia’s Freezer, we all come together and #turndinnerintoapieceofcake #10mealsatatime

We provide all herbs, spices & speciality ingredients necessary for each menu (to help reduce the cluttering of your pantry).  Attend one of our Workshop's, and you will have the opportunity to create 10 delicious meals, you will be proud of.

PicMonkey CollagegfHere are some common reasons people attend Olivia’s Freezer!

1.Too busy to cook!

2.Want to save money on grocery bill. You USE everything you purchase, and therefore - no wasted food! Our grocery lists usually range from $100-$140, depending on the menu. That is 10 MEALS! 2 WEEKS worth of dinner!

3.Want to spend more time with family, less time in the kitchen!

4.Desperate for variety! It is very time consuming & fairly challenging, putting new meals together. You often end up overbuying the ingredients, and are stuck with weird things in your pantry; things you may never use again!

5.IT’S FUN!! Seriously, you come home with homemade delicious meals! I have been high fived by spouses before, they won’t mind getting the kids to bed!

Our Menu changes monthly & the majority of our guests attend each month, to keep their families healthy & happy! Space is limited, and our workshops fill up fast! Register today to confirm your spot!

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